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Palestinian bid at U.N. distracts from the real crisis


Rarely has so much time, energy and attention been devoted to an issue less consequential than this month’s Palestinian bid for statehood at the U.N.—an episode characterized by hyperbole and muddled thinking on the part of just about everyone. The real crisis – the one that is really worth worrying about – is the improbability of a conflict-ending agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

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The Palestinian gambit and UN hypocrisy


Unfortunately, Israel’s calculated risks for peace, from the 1993 Oslo exchange of letters and the 1995 interim agreement to Israel’s 2005 Gaza withdrawal to the 2008 Annapolis peace talks, resulted in some 10,000 Palestinian rockets and mortars landing on Israeli towns and cities, and more than 1,200 Israelis murdered in terror attacks. Ironically, perhaps, Israel is still calling on its Palestinian neighbors to negotiate a peace settlement.

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Israel’s Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy


A concerted campaign is being waged against Israel to question its very legitimacy in virtually every aspect of its historical, political, and cultural life, with the aim of undermining the very foundations of Israel’s existence.

In response, several world-renowned experts have joined to present an authoritative exposition of Israel’s Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy, published jointly by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the World Jewish Congress.

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For the Sake of Zion

While Erdogan’s hatred of Israel is authentic, his public outbursts at
Israel are opportunistic. Those outbursts are the easiest way for him
to be acclaimed as a hero by Islamists both in Turkey and around the

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Israel’s first Bedouin envoy


Ismail Khaldi used to be a shepherd; now he’s been appointed Israeli consul in San Francisco

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  • Formed in June 2010, Group 18 is a new Israel advocacy organisation. 18 stands for the numerical value of “Chai” = LIFE. The impetus behind its inception was a feeling amongst concerned Jews that insufficient action was being taken in dealing with what we see as a broad and growing campaign to deligitimise the State of Israel and threaten it’s very right to exist. We, as Group 18, believe that instead of being reactive in dealing with these complex challenges, we must become pro-active through generating greater communal awareness of the issues.