Egyptian leaders vow to restore order after attack on Israeli Embassy


Early Saturday, streets in Cairo looked like a war zone as violence intensified between security forces and protesters. Gunfire pierced the air as rocks, burning tires and fires from Molotov cocktails littered the streets.

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The empirical case for defensible borders


Israel will have to maintain a perimeter presence along the borders of a future Palestinian state.

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Hope in the Sinai


Despite the post-revolution lawlessness currently gripping the Middle East’s most populous nation, the Egyptian government’s actions in Sinai prove that it is still very much in control of the country, even if a transition to real democracy eventually proves to be wishful thinking on the part of the international community.

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What to do with Turkey?

'Gaza: The Case for Middle East Peace':  Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Seemingly, in the wake of the Palmer Report’s publication, there is no reason for Israel to express regret or apologize. However, at this time Israel does not have the privilege of quarreling with Turkey and of being right.

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AJC Welcomes UN Palmer Report on Gaza Flotilla

AJC welcomed the UN report on the May 2010 flotilla for its endorsement of Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza and recognition of the security threats that the Hamas regime poses.

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Our Story
  • Formed in June 2010, Group 18 is a new Israel advocacy organisation. 18 stands for the numerical value of “Chai” = LIFE. The impetus behind its inception was a feeling amongst concerned Jews that insufficient action was being taken in dealing with what we see as a broad and growing campaign to deligitimise the State of Israel and threaten it’s very right to exist. We, as Group 18, believe that instead of being reactive in dealing with these complex challenges, we must become pro-active through generating greater communal awareness of the issues.