Who we are

Formed in June 2010, Group 18 is a new Israel advocacy organisation. 18 stands for the numerical value of “Chai”  =  LIFE. The impetus behind its inception was a feeling amongst concerned Jews that insufficient action was being taken in dealing with what we see as a broad and growing campaign to deligitimise the State of Israel and threaten it’s very right to exist.

We, as Group 18, believe that instead of being  reactive in dealing with these complex challenges, we must become pro-active through generating greater communal awareness of the issues.

Whether we are dealing with the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) movement or other such organisations, groups or individuals committed to turning Israel into a pariah state, we need urgently to define what the boundaries are when it comes to criticism of Israel. Where that criticism becomes deligitimising, dehumanising, demonising, untrue or a call to boycott, divest or sanction Israel, we, as Group 18, say this is unacceptable.

Group 18 does not seek to promote a particular ideology or point of view regarding Israel and rather than being “Right Wing” or “Left Wing”, our main purpose is to engage the community in an informed and constructive way, in dialogue & conversation. Equally important to us is the need to build bridges and create understanding within the Jewish community and beyond.

Another, but no less important focus, is to counter  through factual information and education, the pervasive and insidious media bias constantly displayed towards Israel.

Since its inception, Group 18 has held a number of talks and screenings, taken an active role in “buycott ” campaigns, as well as information campaigns where we handed out pamphlets to members of the public.We will continue to provide a stimulating programme of events.

Group 18 believes that in order to take ownership of the Israel debate, we must empower ourselves through knowledge, awareness, engagement and education. In striving for a non-partisan approach, we would like to convey to the community that everyone is welcome to be a participant, supporter or member of Group 18 and we look forward to being part of the very important communal discussion about Israel.
For further info or enquiries, contact us at ….. adrienne@group18.co.za.